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  1. Introduction
  2. Types of fluids:
  3. Physical properties:
  4. Fluid statics:
  5. Pressure Measurement
  6. Buoyancy - principles
  7. Units and Dimensions
  8. Similitude and model studies:

Unit -II

  1. Fluid flow:
  2. Boundary layer concepts:
  3. Flow of incompressible fluid in pipes:
  4. Types of flow problems
  5. Compressible fluid flow:
  6. Two dimensional flow:

Unit -III

  1. Closed channel flow measurement:
  2. Open channel flow measurement:

Unit -IV

  1. Flow past immersed bodies:
  2. Friction in flow through bed of solids:
  3. Packed Towers:
  4. Fluidization:
  5. Motion of particle through fluid
  6. Terminal settling velocity
  7. Operating ranges of fluidization
  8. Applications of fluidization
  9. Pneumatic transport

Unit -V

  1. Transportation of fluids:
  2. Characteristics and constructional details of centrifugal pumps
  3. Positive displacement pumps:
  4. Rotary pumps
  5. Airlift pump
  6. Jet pump
  7. Selection of pumps
  8. Fans, blowers, and compressors


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