Trajectory of a free jet

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In a free jet the pressure is atmospheric throughout the trajectory.

Vox = Vo cosq = constant = Vx

Voy = Vo sinq

x = Vox t

y = Voy t – gt2/2

eliminating t gives,

y = x Voy/Vox – gx2/(2Vox2)


y = x tanq – gx2/(2Vo2 cos2q)

This is the equation of the trajectory.


At the point of maximum elevation, Vy = 0 and application of Bernoulli’s law between the issue point of jet and the maximum elevation level,

Vo2/(2g) = Vox2/(2g) + ym

Since, Vo2/(2g) = Vox2/(2g) + Voy2/(2g)

we get,

ym = Voy2/(2g)


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