Books by MSubbu

I have written books on Chemical Engineering and General Aptitude. These are published by Rishal Publications, Chennai. These books have short notes, objective type questions with reasoning, problems with detailed solutions, and some questions for practice for each of the core subjects of chemical engineering. The questions are predominantly from GATE examination. Few adapted questions from other good sources are also available. These books serve as a guide for preparing to core jobs, GATE exams, and in-depth study. The books are having a rating of 4.5+ (for 5).

  • GATEway to Chemical Engineering (set of 5 volumes) 2018, Authors: m subbu, d k sandilya, k nagarajan, s siddarth, r pavan (Rs. 2670/- Buy from here)
    • Volume-1: Process Calculations, Thermodynamics; m subbu, d k sandilya
    • Volume-2: Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Operations, Mathematics; m subbu, r pavan
    • Volume-3: Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer; m subbu, k nagarajan
    • Volume-4: Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Control; m subbu, d k sandilya
    • Volume-5: Process Economics, Process Equipment Design, Chemical Technology; m subbu, s siddarth
  • An Insight into Chemical Engineering 2003, m subbu (Rs. 670/- Buy from here)
  • GATEway to General Aptitude 2017, Authors: m subbu, s siddarth, r pavan (Rs. 470/- Buy from here)
  • GATEway to Chemical Engineering and An Insight into Chemical Engineering (Combo) (Rs. 2670 + 670 = Rs. 3340 3200/- Buy from here)
  • GATEway to Chemical Engineering and GATEway to General Aptitude (Combo) (Rs. 2670 + 470 = Rs. 3140 3070/- Buy from here)
  • All the three books of MSubbu (Combo) (Rs. 2670 + 670 + 470 = Rs. 3810 3600/- Buy from here)

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Contents of these books are now available in an interactive form as online courses through These courses have more interesting features than the print books, such as bookmarking, adding your-own notes, keyword connects, self-assessment quizzes, video lectures, and more. The course contents are updated regularly.