Hi, this is Dr. M. Subramanian (msubbu). I am a chemical engineering professional. I have 25 years experience in teaching, research and industries.

Herein I provide my lecture notes, solved problems, question banks on chemical engineering.

I do maintain an EdTech service at msubbu.academy wherein you can find structured courses for the core subjects of chemical engineering. They are available for a registration fee.

I offer guidance and coaching for indepth understanding of core subjects of chemical engineering. Thereby one can good scores in GATE / PE exams / get placements in top-notch core industries.

I do have good experience with the professional quality type-setting software LaTeX.

I have written three books: “An Insight into Chemical Engineering”, “GATEway to Chemical Engineering”, and “GATEway to General Aptitude”.

You shall reach me by:

email: msubbu.in[AT]gmail.com

whatsapp / phone: +91 9840 1520 79