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Herein we provide free Learning materials on Chemical Engineering in the form of webpages as: Lecture Notes, Solved Problems, Question Bank, and as YouTube Videos. To give rich learning features such as self-assessment quizzes, videos, discussion forums, tags, checklists, bookmarks, and teacher-assistance through messages/mails/online-meetings, we maintain a learning management system (LMS) on Chemical Engineering at The services therein are available as online courses and classes for a fee.

The first and foremost goal for a Chemical Engineering graduate is to get placed in the core industry or to go along with the research field. Those who gain in-depth knowledge in core subjects will get placed at ease.

For working in any chemical industry, good knowledge of core subjects – Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer, Mass Transfer, Reaction Engineering, Process Control, Process Economics and the like are the most needed skills. In the scope of helping the engineering graduates to get their preferred industry and chemical engineers to do best in their industries, we provide the simplest ever online courses at at an unbelievable price! In addition to the Chemical Engineering courses, we also have courses on General Aptitude, and for selected softwares such as LaTeX for Typesetting.

What are available in the course modules?

Inside each course module, you will simply go through the crisp notes with essential formulas. For every core topic as many solved examples are given. The examples of multiple-choice type / numerical answer type / deriving a formula, and the like. The questions are mainly from GATE 1988-2024. Most of the GATE questions are available with solutions. In addition to the original GATE questions, nice adapted questions from other good sources are also available. The materials are connected with keywords (tags), so that one can have a connected study of relevant concepts. As and when needed, one can take-up topic-wise quizzes, to assess his learning. The quiz questions are from a question bank, so that for every attempt, one is likely get a different question from that one he has attempted earlier. The users can bookmark the pages for looking back later; add additional notes. If you need any more clarification is needed for any page, one can message the course instructor, and get reply. Visit this link for a glance of a typical course.

Additional bonuses along with each course!

The main advantage of every course is that it focuses on the GATE syllabus. So, no need to prepare anything additional for GATE, as you can learn your core subjects along with GATE preparation! Preparing to such a depth will definitely add value to your career / placement.

So, what’s stopping you from acquiring knowledge? Enroll now and start your new beginning!

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