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  1. Heat Loss by Conduction 09-Oct-2000

  2. Evaporation of Oxygen by Heat Exchange

    Unsteady state heat transfer

  3. Time Required for Cooling by Radiation


  4. Natural Convection in Air 10-Oct-2000

  5. Natural Convection in Water 10-Oct-2000

  6. Improving Heat Transfer Coefficient by Modification 10-Oct-2000


  7. Rate of Condensation of Steam on Vertical Plate 09-Oct-2000

    Heat Exchangers

  8. Parallerl flow - Counter flow Heat Transfer Area Requirement 09-Oct-2000

  9. Parallerl flow - Counter flow Heat Transfer Area Requirement, modified data for the previous problem 09-Oct-2000

  10. Double pipe heat exchanger - parallel flow - e - NTU method 09-Oct-2000

  11. Heat transfer area required for finned tube exchanger - e - NTU method 09-Oct-2000

  12. Length of Heat Exchanger tubes Needed 10-Oct-2000


  13. Single Effect Evaporator - Steam required, Heat Transfer Area

  14. Time Required for Evaporation in a single effect evaporator

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