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Are you looking for: How to use LaTeX? How to typeset mathematical contents as like texts?

Don’t spend weeks and months searching on Google. Let me help you get started. Just spare 3 hours of your time. I will make you confident in using LaTeX.

In-person / Live online Hybrid class through Zoom. Limited to 20 participants. 3 hours of lecture cum demonstration.

The basics of LaTeX will be covered through lecture and demonstration, followed by discussion.

LaTeX is a powerful document editing software. Knowledge of LaTeX will help in making professional quality documents for teaching, research, online content development, etc.

The instructor (msubbu) has 20+ years of experience in LaTeX. He has created elegant books and online course-contents with LaTeX.

Class is on 2nd October, Sunday 2022: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

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About LaTeX

LaTeX is an open-source type-setting software which is widely used in the scientific and academic communities for typesetting journal papers / theses / books / presentations.

With LaTeX one can typeset documents containing a lot of equations and cross-references with excellent readability, at ease. Though it may feel difficult to use at the start, once you get familiarized, it will become your go-to tool for typesetting documents of any level of complexity. Learning LaTeX is rewarding and enriches one’s future.

About the Trainer

The trainer for this course — Dr. M. Subramanian (M Subbu) is a teacher of chemical engineering in a reputed Engineering college based at Chennai. He is a doctorate from IIT Madras. He is a passionate academician, researcher, author, and publisher.

Experience of the Trainer on using LaTeX

Dr. M. Subramanian has been using LaTeX since 2000. He has authored 7 books on chemical engineering and general aptitude, which were typeset in LaTeX. These books are popular among chemical engineering students and professionals, for GATE exam preparation.

He has conducted several lectures and training programs on LaTeX. He has aided many people to format their journal articles as per the given LaTeX format.

Course Coverage

Formatting text & mathematical contents

Tables & figures

Cross-referencing, table of contents, bibliography, and indexing

New command, New environment


The essence of LaTeX shall be covered by lecture cum demonstration in 3 hours, through a Zoom-meeting or in-person classes at Chennai.

Course handouts and details about software-installation will also be provided. In addition 3 month access to the course on LaTeX in, will be provided.

By the end of the program, you will feel confident in your ability to use LaTeX.

Investment for the course: 3 hours of your time, and interest for learning.

Date & Time of Classes:

2nd October 2022, Sunday  9:00 am 12:00 noon


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