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8HA - Process Plant Utilities - April 2000

  1. What are the various water softening methods available?
  2. How hardness of water can be expressed?
  3. What is Mollier diagram?
  4. Explain cryogenic temperature
  5. What is relative humidity?
  6. Distinguish between fans and blowers
  7. Explain specific volume of steam
  8. How steam economy can be improved?
  9. What are the different methods of producing refrigeration?
  10. How does a vacuum pump differ from a compressor?
  11. Explain the use of compressed air in process plants
  12. What is a booster ejector?
  13. What are the different types of steam turbines?
  14. Define volumetric efficiency
  15. What is a steam trap?
  16. Distinguish between centrifugal and axial compressor
  17. What is a barometric condenser?
  18. Name the chemical generally employed for the removal of turbidity in water
  19. Define the efficiency of steam turbine
  20. How scaling in boiler tubes can be removed?
    Part B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)
  21. (a) What are the major treatment steps to be used (i) drinking purposes (ii) for use in chemical process plants (8)

    (b) Explain the factors that must be taken into account while designing distribution lines for water in a chemical plant (4)

  22. (a) What special treatments are required for high pressure boiler feed water? (8)

    (b) Explain the methods used for water conservation in big chemical industries (4)

  23. (a) Describe the setup of a compressed air distribution system (4)

    (b) Classify different types of vacuum pumps and explain their performance characteristics. (8)

  24. Discuss the merits and demerits of various compressors available
  25. (a) Explain the vapor-compression refrigeration diagram indicating the parts. (8)

    (b) Name few industrial refrigerants and their desirable properties (4)

  26. Explain the various methods of cryogenic temperature production
  27. Explain in detail the various types of cooling towers employed in industries and compare their relative merits and demerits
  28. Bring out the importance of providing ventilation in air conditioned systems and describe how its achieved
  29. Sketch the basic flow diagram of a steam plant cycle showing by-product generation of electric power and process steam
  30. Distinguish between steam engines and steam turbines. Explain any one of the equipment in detail

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