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7HA - Safety Hazards and Risk Analysis - October'1998

Part A (20 x 2 = 40 Marks)

  1. Accidents do not happen. They are caused - Comment
  2. Give two examples of unsafe act
  3. Name atleast two personal protection devices
  4. What are the types of water expelling fire extinguishers?
  5. What is meant by emergency management plan?
  6. Name two occupational diseases
  7. Classify the chemical agents which are hazardous to health
  8. Comment on the need for vocational guidance
  9. Name two unsafe conditions in a factory that may lead to accident
  10. Name two direct accident costs
  11. What is meant by safety audit?
  12. What kind of hazard exists in ammonium nitrate plant?
  13. What kind of hazards are present in metal cutting industries?
  14. What is the importance of ventilation in preventing safety hazard?
  15. Good house keeping by the top management reduces risk - Comment
  16. Explain TLV
  17. What is meant by LD50?
  18. What are the important tools by which the safety supervisor's performance is measured?
  19. Name two organizations that work for the safety in industries
  20. Name two acts passed by the parliament with reference to industrial safety
  21. Part B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)

  22. (a) Elaborate on the guidelines for the safe handling of chemicals
  23. Or

    (b) Discuss the importance of safety training in chemical industries

  24. (a) Explain in detail job safety analysis
  25. Or

    (b) What are the safety measures to be adopted in high pressure and high temperature operations?

  26. (a) Explain in detail the effective steps to be taken to implement safety procedure
  27. Or

    (b) Proper selection and treatment of equipments is vital for safe operation - Discuss in detail giving suitable examples

  28. (a) Write in detail the fire fighting equipments and extinguishing agents used in industries
  29. Or

    (b) (i) What are the reasons for industrial accidents?

    (ii) Discuss on accident costs

    (iii) Indicate the steps to be taken for the prevention of accidents

  30. (a) Explain the salient features of Factory Act and Workers Compensation Act
  31. Or

    (b) Explain the role of safety organizations, management and trade unions in maintaining industrial safety

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