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7HA - Safety and Hazard Analysis - October 1997

Part A (20 x 2 = 40 Marks)

  1. Indicate atleast 5 dangers in H2SO4 manufacturing. What are the protective measures?
  2. What are the social effects of a small-scale chemical industry?
  3. How do safety precautions help a welder?
  4. Name atleast 6 different industries that may be reckoned as hazard prone
  5. What are the protective gears that are used by a worker in a glass industry?
  6. Discuss the hazards hidden in paint manufacturing
  7. 'Prevention is better than cure'. Explain with example
  8. Highest priority should be given to planning and layout of a chemical industry - explain
  9. Safety signal boards must be simple and easily understood. Why?
  10. Periodic surprise checking in a chemical factory is a must. Explain
  11. What could be the dangers that may be present in ice-cream manufacturing?
  12. Workers participation in safety meetings must be encouraged. Why?
  13. While taking into consideration several agents that cause accidents, the human factor is not less important. Explain
  14. Though repeated very often, safety meetings are very important. Why?
  15. What is dust explosion? Give examples
  16. Though very small, 'a faulty' screw may lead to very big accidents. Explain
  17. An oil extraction factory is safer than an explosive manufacturing factors. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  18. Workers ignorance may be tolerated while dealing with new equipment. Right or false? Why?
  19. What are the possible accidents in handling high-pressure gases?
  20. Educating workers would be very costly. It is enough if only the plant supervisors are educated on the reasons for accidents in a factory. What are your views?
  21. Part B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)

  22. (a) Safety aspects are more vital to the factory concerned rather than the environment. Discuss in detail the favorable and unfavorable points
  23. Or

    (b) Safety training from the lowest paid worker to the general manager will pay dividends. Discuss in detail

  24. (a) Certain factory has a very high-pressure reactor working. Discuss the possible hazards and reasons for the same
  25. Or

    (b) List out the safety factors to be adopted in a solvent extraction plant

  26. (a) Taking case of a safety-matches factory, explain how periodical inspections could help mitigating dangers
  27. Or

    (b) It is customary to use equipment till they fail. Explain your views with examples from industry

  28. (a) A certain personnel have received severe acid burns. Explain the steps to be followed
  29. Or

    (b) What are the possible reasons for fire in chemical factories? Write in detail

  30. (a) A gentleman wants to start a chemical-manufacturing unit. What are the legal aspects that have to be looked into carefully?


    (b) A cracker-manufacturing factory can be protected in several ways including legal. Write your views in detail.

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