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7HA - Safety and Hazard Analysis - April 2000

Part A (20 x 2 = 40 Marks)

  1. What is the need for development of safety in industries?
  2. Explain the importance of social environmental setup
  3. Explain the need of psychological attitude towards safety program
  4. What is the result of effective communication?
  5. Define the term "hazard"
  6. What is meant by chronic toxicity?
  7. What are the hazards in high pressure operation?
  8. What are the precautions to be taken while handling highly radioactive materials?
  9. What are the effective steps to implement safety procedures?
  10. Explain the importance of periodic advice to follow safety procedures
  11. Explain the importance of personal protective equipments
  12. How will you study the plant layout?
  13. How will you identify the accident spots?
  14. What is meant by vocational guidance?
  15. How will you analyze the causes of injury to men in the plant?
  16. Mention the various fire fighting techniques
  17. What are industrial health hazards?
  18. Explain the safe working environments
  19. Explain the factories act
  20. What is the role of safety organizations in promoting industrial safety?
  21. Part B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)

  22. (a) Discuss the importance of training at various levels of production and operation
  23. Or

    (b) Why safety is a must in an industry? Discuss. How will you create safety awareness among the workers?

  24. (a) Discuss the chemical and physical job safety analysis
  25. Or

    (b) Discuss the safe handling of dangerous and toxic chemicals

  26. (a) Discuss the importance of proper selection and replacement of handling equipments
  27. Or

    (b) What are the factors to be considered while designing a plant layout?

  28. (a) Discuss the various industrial accidents in detail with suitable examples
  29. Or

    (b) What is fire triangle? Discuss the causes for fire in a chemical industry

  30. (a) Discuss about Workmen Compensation Act
  31. Or

    (b) Explain in detail the parliamentary and labor welfare legislations

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