7HA Safety and Hazard Analysis April 1999

Part A (20 x 2 = 40 Marks)

  1. Explain the importance of safety in chemical industries
  2. Explain the tolerance limits of the society
  3. The level of training depends on the category of staff in a factory what is your opinion?
  4. Explain the various economic benefits
  5. What is meant by potential hazard?
  6. What are the precautions to be adopted during high temperature operations?
  7. What is meant by acute toxicity?
  8. How will you operate a machine safely?
  9. Periodic inspection in a chemical plant is a must. Explain
  10. How will you select a proper equipment?
  11. Name some personal protective equipments
  12. Explain the need of periodic advice
  13. What is meant by accident cost?
  14. What are the accident prevention methods?
  15. How will you analyze the causes of injury to men?
  16. What are the different types of fires?
  17. Define the industrial health hazards
  18. What are health rules?
  19. What is meant by factories act?
  20. Explain the role of safety organizations in promoting industrial safety

    Part B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)

  21. (a) Discuss in detail the psychological attitude towards safety programs


    (b) Write in detail about social environmental setup with a suitable case study

  22. (a) Briefly explain the safety features of high pressure vessels in chemical industries


    (b) What are the safety precautions to be adopted while doing the plant layout?

  23. (a) What is meant by personal protective equipment? Discuss the importance of personal protective equipments in the chemical industries


    (b) Discuss the various effective steps to be followed for the implementation of safety procedures in a chemical plant

  24. (a) Briefly explain the various remedial measures that are to be taken after an industrial accident


    (b) Discuss the various fire prevention methods in detail

  25. (b) Discuss the occupational hazards with suitable examples


(b) Discuss about the role of trade union in promoting industrial safety