Descriptions - Fluid Mechanics Questions

  1. What is Buckingham Pi-theorem? Explain its application briefly.
  2. Enlist the important dimensionless groups involved in the study of fluid mechanics and explain their physical significance.
  3. Explain the terms (i) Geometric (ii) Kinematic and (iii) Dynamic similarities.
  4. Describe the methods employed for flow measurements in open channels.
  5. Explain the conditions on which the choice of the following meters would depend: (i)Orifice meter (ii) Venturi meter (iii) Pitot tube.
  6. Draw the characteristic curves for a centrifugal pump.
  7. What is a positive displacement pump? Describe the working of any one type with neat sketch.
  8. Describe the working of an Airlift pump and explain on what factors its efficiency dependent.