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7HE - Process Engineering Economics and Management - October'1998

Part A (20 x 2 = 40 Marks)

  1. Define value of money
  2. What is depletion?
  3. State any two methods of depreciation
  4. What is amortization?
  5. What is variable cost?
  6. Define cost indices
  7. Define fixed cost
  8. What is capacity factor?
  9. Define rate of return
  10. Define economic balance
  11. What is inflation?
  12. Define multiple equipment unit
  13. Write the expansion of G.N.P
  14. What is elasticity of demand?
  15. Define B.E.P
  16. What is business cycle?
  17. What is scientific management?
  18. Give any two types of organizations
  19. What is job evaluation
  20. Define fatigue
  21. Part B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)

  22. Explain any two methods of depreciation
  23. Or
  24. Describe the equations for economic studies
  25. Explain the long term capital requirement of a company
  26. Or
  27. What is balance sheet? Explain its preparation with an example
  28. What is present value method? How it is useful in comparing alternatives?
  29. Or
  30. Discuss about the cash flow analysis
  31. What is demand forecasting? Explain any two methods
  32. Or
  33. Discuss about multiplier and accelerator
  34. Explain a few advanced techniques in management
  35. Or
  36. Explain the recruitment methods adopted in an organisation

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