7HE - October 1997

Part A (20 x 2 = 40 Marks)

  1. State the purpose of money market
  2. What is amortization?
  3. Define depletion
  4. What is equity shares?
  5. What is fixed cost?
  6. Write the characteristics of long term loans
  7. What are variable costs?
  8. Write the advantages of balance sheet
  9. Profitability index of company X is 1.3 and that of company Y is 1.6. Which company has economic dependence?
  10. Why do you expect the economic balance in a company?
  11. Briefly write about cost unit
  12. Why is there a transaction demand for money?
  13. What is Break even point?
  14. What is elasticity of demand?
  15. What happens if the nature of spending increases based on accelerator theory?
  16. What is span of control?
  17. Define job evaluation
  18. Draw an organization chart
  19. What is scientific management?
  20. What are the functions of marketing?
  21. Part B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)

  22. What are the methods of calculating depreciation? Explain any two methods
  23. Or

  24. What are the features of Walra's law? Explain its theory based on equilibrium conditions
  25. Explain the important features of balance sheets and its advantages
  26. Or

  27. What are the sources of finance? Explain the long term capital requirements of a company
  28. What is internal rate of return method? How is it useful in ranking the project?
  29. Or

  30. What are the advantages of cost flow analysis?
  31. Explain Keynesien employment theory
  32. Or

  33. Draw a break even chart and write the advantages of Break even chart on managerial decision
  34. How will you prevent the accidents in Industry? Explain your answer based on your Industrial knowledge
  35. Or

  36. What are the basic elements of MBO? Explain them in detail.