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  1. (a) Draw a neat sketch of a vacuum crystallizer with evaporation of water inside the crystallizer and calandria fitted outside the main vessel. Name the essential parts of the crystallizer.
  2. (b) State the advantages of vacuum application during crystallization.

  3. (a) Draw a neat sketch of a mixing vessel supported on three legs and equipped with straight curved-blade turbine.
  4. (b) What are the factors that affect the power consumption in mixing of two liquids.

  5. (a) Draw a neat sketch of a countercurrent tunnel dryer.
  6. (b) Name the factors that are to be considered in the selection of a dryer.

  7. Draw neat sketches of two different types of dished heads used for high pressure service.
  8. Draw a neat sketch of the sectional elevation of a mixer vessel provided with flat blade turbine. The vessel has a conical bottom and a gate valve to discharge the product.
  9. (a) Draw a neat sketch of the plate and frame of a filter press having washing facility.
  10. (b) What are the auxiliary equipments required for the operation of a washing type plate and frame filter press.

  11. Sketch the different types of flange fittings for chemical engineering equipments.
  12. Draw the various types of formed head closures for chemical equipments.
  13. (a) What important factors have to be considered in the selection of a dryer for drying a wet solid material.
  14. (b) Draw a neat sketch showing the inside arrangements of a direct heated batch tray drier.

  15. Draw a neat sketch of a steam jacketed autoclave provided with a stirrer, a sight glass, thermometer arrangement, and inlet and outlet connections.
  16. Draw a neat sketch of a bubble cap tray distillation column in half section. In a separate sketch show the details of bubble cap assembly and liquid flow paths.
  17. Make proportionate drawing of cyclone separator.
  18. Draw a sectional elevation of a Silo with all details.
  19. Draw a neat sketch of a screw conveyor.
  20. Draw a neat sketch (sectional front and top view) of a floating roof type storage vessel.
  21. Draw a neat sketch of a tall packed absorption column (sectional front and top views) showing clearly inlets, outlets, liquid redistributor, packing support, access man-way and a suitable support.
  22. Draw a neat sketch (sectional elevation and side view) of a removable bundle type 2-4 floating head horizontal heat exchanger. Show at least 2 tubes per pass, the tie rods, baffles, partition plates and nozzles. Mechanism of floating head should be clear in the sketch.
  23. For a horizontal heat exchanger, what type of support do you suggest? Draw a neat sketch of support.
  24. Sketch a suitable stuffing box for the stirrer shaft 25 mm in diameter required for a pressure reaction vessel.
  25. Sketch neatly a globe valve giving all the constructional details.
  26. Draw neat sketches of the types of cooling towers used in process industries.
  27. Draw a neat sketch of orifice meter. Also give the required constructional details.

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