An Insight Into Chemical Engineering / GATEway to General Aptitude

Lecture Notes

No time to read the whole book of the subjects?? Just browse through the Lecture notes which is sufficient to understand the complete subject.

Online Calculations

Here comes the Handy calculator for your Day-in and Day-out calculations in chemical engineering viz Molecular weight, Non-Ideal gas volume etc.

Illustrative Problems

Find here the samples for all the fundamental problems in ALL the chemical engineering subjects for a comprehensive knowledge.

Books Authored

Authored two books: (i) An Insight into Chemical Engineering, (ii) GATEway to General Aptitude. These ensures your entry to tOP institutes/ industries as well as achieving excellence for Industry professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an expert in Chemistry to study Chemical Engineering ?

NO. Chemistry and Chemical engineering are entirely different as against the MYTH. A student need to have GOOD ANALYTICAL thinking and an inclination towards Mathematics to EXCEL in Chemical engineering.

Should I memorise all the formulae of Chemical Engineering subjects?

NO. If you understand and study the logic of the composition of the formula, there is no need to memorise the same.

Do I need to be an Expert in Chemical Engineering to Excel in my career or to get admission to higher studies?

NO. Anyone need to be thorough with the basics of the subject to EXCEL in their career as well as to get admission for higher degrees in Chemical engineering. Nowadays, many students and industry professionals delve deeper forgetting the basics.

"An Insight into Chemical Engineering" - I have completed my college and worked in the industry. Will this book be of use to me?

YES . Very much. This book is NOT ONLY for academic students and for GATE preparations. This book will be a good handbook for solving day-to-day problems in the Industry.