Molecular Weight - Excel AddIn

This program is an Excel (MicroSoft Office Product) AddIn and Developed by M.Subramanian

After adding this AddIn (MolWt-msubbu.xla) through Tools -> Add-Ins section of Excel, you will see the following functions available under the 'user defined ' section.

You Can make use of these functions for your calculations.

ATOMICNAME("Ca") will give the result Calcium.

Also ATOMICNAME("20") will give the same result. Even ATOMICNAME(20) will do the same.

ATOMICNUMBER("Ca") will give the result 20

ATOMICSYMBOL(20) will give the result Ca

ATOMICWEIGHT("Ca") will give the result 40.08. ATOMICWEIGHT(20) or ATOMICWEIGHT("20") will also give the same result.

ISATOM("Ca") will give the result TRUE, whereas ISATOM("Cx") will give FALSE. (since there is no such atom with the symbol Cx).

MOLECULARWEIGHT("Ca(OH)2") will give the result 74.095. You can enter molecular formulas of the form
or any Valid Forms, and get the MolecularWeight.


Last Modified on: 12-Sep-2014

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