Dynamic Simulation and Control of Chemical Processes - using MATLAB & Simulink

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The following are some of the models that I have developed and solved using MATLAB & Simulink.

MATLAB - MATLAB for Chemical Engineering

Examples from Chemical Reaction Engineering
1 Solving simultaneous differential equations:
tworxns.m; tworxns.mat
2Dynamics of Semibatch Reactor:
3Dynamics of CSTR:
cstrrxns.m; cstrrxns.mat
Examples from Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
4 Using two dimensional interpolation function 'interp2' to find Compressibility Factor(Z) of a gas
Zvalue.m; CompressFactor.mat
5Volume of Nonideal gases from Various equations of State:
assign1.m; pvt_data.mat; v_vander.m; v_redlich.m; Z.m; pvt_result.mat; pvt_result.dat
6Bubble point & Dew point calculautions:
  • sat_pr_antoine.m - Vapor pressure from Antoine equation
  • sat_temp_antoine.m - Saturation temperature from Antoine equation
  • BUBL_P.m - Bubble point vapor composition and Pressure
  • BUBL_T.m - Bubble point vapor composition and Temperature
  • DEW_P.m - Dew point liquid composition and Pressure
  • DEW_T.m - Dew point liquid composition and Temperature

  • Simulink

    View SnapshotDownload Simulink .mdl file

    Laplace Domain Dynamics:

    Second order Transfer function - Step change in set pointSecondOdrTransferFunction.mdl
    Feedback control of two first order in seriesFeedbackControl.mdl
    PID controllerPID_Controller.mdl
    PID controller - Step change in set pointPID_StepChangeInSetPoint.mdl
    PID controller - Step change in load - 1PID_StepChangeInLoad_1.mdl
    PID controller - Step change in load - 2PID_StepChangeInLoad_2.mdl

    Time Domain Dynamics:

    Solution to First order ODEFirstOrderODE.mdl
    Liquid level DynamicsLiquidLevelDynamics.mdl
    Solution to Two first order Equations - 1TwoFirstOrderODE_1.mdl
    Solution to Two first order Equations - 2TwoFirstOrderODE_2.mdl
    Solution to Second order ODE - 1SolutionToSecondOrderODE_1.mdl
    Solution to Second order ODE - 2SolutionToSecondOrderODE_2.mdl
    Feedback Control of tank levelTimeDomain_ControlofTankLevel.mdl
    Impulse input to two non-interacting tanks in seriesTwoTanksInSeriesImpulseInput.mdl
    Soltion to Simultaneous non-linear equations
    Concentration of A, B, C & D in a CSTRNonLinearEquations.mdl
    simult.mat - this is the data file having the rate constants and initial conditions.
    Bubble point & Dew point Calculations
    Vapor Pressure from Antoine Equation ConstantsVapPress.mdl
    Saturation Temperature from Antoine Equation ConstantsSat_Temp.mdl
    Dew Pressure and CompositionDEW_PX.mdl
    Bubbl Pressure and CompositionBUBL_PY.mdl

    Instructions for using these files (for the beginners):

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