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Importance of General Aptitide: Having a good practice on the topics of general aptitude is very much needed for the prefinal and final year engineering/science graduates, for getting into insudtries/ higher study institutions. Going through / solving typical problems of good questions will meet this requirement.

The Book Contains: Notes for the regular general aptitude topics.
Solutions to entire sets (480 questions) of GATE 2010-2017 GA questions.
Includes questions from other competitive exams (about 100 questions).

The Authors:

M. Subramanian, (m subbu) is a faculty in the Department of Chemical Engineering, SSN College of Engineering, Kalavakkam - 603110, Old Mahabaipuram Road, Off: Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

S. Siddarth is a graduate of SSN; top scorer in GATE-2017-CH, with AIR of 120; working in IOCL.

R. Pavan Kumar is graduate of SSN; top scorer in GATE-2017-CH, with AIR of 87; working in BPCL.

This book covers the following topics of verbal and numerical front conforming to GATE syllabus:
Verbal Ability Tenses
Numerical Ability Number system
Word Analogy Time and Distance
Infinitives and Gerunds Algebra
Blood Relationships Functions
Articles Probability

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