Solving Fluid Mechanics Problems with MS Excel

  • Distribution of flow in branches- 28 kB (07-Feb-2001)

    For estimating the distribution of flow in branches of pipelines as shown in the diagram:

  • Pipe friction and losses through fittings- 164 kB (14-Feb-2001)

    A 35o API distillate is being transferred from a storage tank at 1 atm absolute pressure to a pressure vessel at 50 psig by means of the piping arrangements shown in figure.

    The liquid flows at the rate of 23100 lb/hr through 3 inch Schedule 40 steel pipe; the length of the straight pipe is 450 feet. Calculate the minimum horsepower input to the pump having an efficiency of 60 percent.

    The properties of the distillate are: viscosity = 3.4 cP, density = 52 lb/ft3.

    The following are the data for the pipe and fittings:

    For 3 inch Schedule 40 Nominal pipe, OD = 3.5 inch; Thickness = 0.216 inch

    Flow coefficients for the fittings (K) are:

    Gate valve = 0.25; 90o elbow = 0.9; Check valve = 10

    Friction factor can be calculated from Blasius equation. Account for entry and exit losses also.

  • Solution to the pumping problem - 20 kB